C4Switch Products


C4Switch offers VOS3000 Softswitch hosted package with excellent performance server and service. We will setup everything and make ready to go for you. We have our own support and development team who work round the clock 24X7. Therefor you do not need to worry about any technical issue, we will take care for you. You can choose our plan as below as per your requirement.

Licensed Crystal Link Softswitch

The C4S Crystal-link Softswitch is a carrier-grade session border controller (SBC) that provides a single interface between multiple IP networks for delivery of end-to-end VoIP communications. Unique control software package enables service providers to build scalable and reliable VoIP networks with a full array of call-routing capabilities to maximize performance for both small and large packet voice networks. It has four Softswitch Solutions.


Dedicated Server

If you require a secure, high – performance solution then C4Switch dedicated servers are ideal. Physical servers that are dedicated to you, guarantee both reliability and performance, providing you with a perfect solution for business critical applications.